Manual Therapy Treatments


stimulates the muscles, releases muscle tension and improves circulation and can aid a speedier recovery following injury and surgery.

Myofascial release

breaks up scar tissue, releases tension and reduces pain arising from injury, overuse or inactivity and maintains flexibility and range of movement so preventing injury.

Trigger points

releases irritable neuromuscular points and reduces the associated pain

Range of Motion

enhances joint lubrication, improves the range of motion of joints and prevents muscle wastage

Joint Mobilisation

helps to achieve the full range of motion in joints through flexing, extending and stretching joints to provide greater ease of movement, reduce stiffness, decrease joint pain and increase function.

Joint Manipulation

when joints are too stiff and/or are not responding to the mobilisation techniques the joint can be carefully positioned and gently thrusted to restore full movement.


encourages lengthening of muscles and their associated tendons to assist in tension ratio. It improves range of motion, reduces scar tissue adhesions, improves elasticity and provides effective pain relief for short, tight, stiff or sore muscles.

Soft tissue mobilissation

can promote and increase the speed of healing by breaking down scar tissue and removing waste products resulting from damage or injury and relaxing muscles.

Prescription of a programme of exercise

An exercise programme can be conducted at home following demonstration and guidance.